Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase TrackEd for my school?

TrackEd is available for Prep to year 12 offering a whole school approach to academic coaching. TrackEd pricing is based on total school enrolments and banded by school size. There is a per student and per user component. For an obligation free quote please contact us via at email  with the following details...

  • School name

  • Total school enrolment count

  • Contact email


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What’s Included when I purchase TrackEd?

  • 12 month subscription starting from when you receive the application

  • The TrackEd application for your whole school

  • User licensing for Filemaker Pro needed to access TrackEd

  • With 5 or more users you receive Filemaker Server for server based deployments

  • Installation guide and support website

  • Complete video training guides

  • Email based support directly with the TrackEd development team and phone support when required

How do I install TrackEd?

The basic installation is for a single PC within your network, however, there are full server-based deployment options available. We have a full video training series for techs at our video training site and provide links to this with the application. At all times TrackEd is installed within your network environment and your data is safely within your control. 

How long does it take to set up?

Feedback from our schools suggest that it takes about 2-3 hours to install and run all the initial imports required for all cohorts in a school. It then takes another 30-60 minutes a term to keep that information up to date. Once the information is imported everything you need is instantly at your fingertips. At that point users can then explore the system and the many reports available to configure outputs that are suitable for your needs. The time required for this varies by school and depends how deep you want to go.


More Information...

1. What support is offered?  How often does this cost allow me to access support?

Helping schools get the most out of TrackEd is very important to us and as such we deliver support in a variety of ways as follows.

  • Our support team is always available via email and when needed via phone call, and this is included in the annual cost. A support button inside TrackEd will raise a new email for our support team with some version information along with your request.

  • When we send out the application we include a getting started guide and a printable import guide

  • Inside TrackEd there is a training mode button that shows information buttons throughout the application. Clicking on a button will open a support article about that feature

  • We have a support website with over 250 searchable articles organised into categories

  • We have a video training series with over 60 training videos structured to helps schools get started, then help with planning your implementation, then to help you get more out of TrackEd once you are familiar with it

  • There is a version update website with a full changelog of new features as we regularly add functionality to the system

  • Our team run regular training workshops to help schools do more with TrackEd once you get started. During those workshops we share examples of how other schools have implemented the system in their context. The workshops are optional, run for about 3-4 hours, with costs kept to a minimum depending on the venue.


2. What does TrackEd PD look like?

We have made a considerable effort to include everything needed to help schools get started with TrackEd quickly through our printable guides, online articles and training videos as listed above. The training workshops that we run are optional and are designed to help schools get more out of the package once they have spent some time with it. At each workshop we demonstrate a cross-section of functionality that TrackEd provides, we allow time for questions and encourage schools to share their use cases with the group. We run workshops at a variety of locations each term and all of our workshop material is mirrored in our online training videos so that attendees and revisit topics at a later date.


3. How can we personalise this for our context, students and teachers?  What commitment does this require from our school?

TrackEd has been designed based on feedback from schools. Everything that is in it is there because our clients have asked for it. There is already a vast number of fully configurable reports designed for Queensland schools, however if there is something else that you would like we are very happy to review it and often add in new functionality on request. A quick look at our change log will show you how quickly our team can add new features to the product.

In addition to this, TrackEd has a custom import section that allows school to import virtually any data that you have in a spreadsheet and bring it into one place. You can build your own imports and then use that data on student profiles and analyse it compared to other diagnostic information. We have tried to make TrackEd as flexible as possible while still powerful and easy to use.

It is also important to note that there are now many imports and reports built into TrackEd and schools do not have to use all of them. You can pick the functions that you want to make use of and potentially add to that over time.

4. Do we have to collect data a certain way to be able to engage with this system?

TrackEd is designed to make better use of the data you already have and the majority of our imports are sourced directly from Oneschool exports. In addition to these there are dedicated imports from other sources such as mighty minds and PAT Online, and you can also build your own imports using our template system. Our import guide has step by step instructions for each import, and an example import schedule that you can adapt for your needs. I have attached an example calendar that one of primary schools put together for their context.

5. What ongoing school commitment/human resources/resources are required for this to be successful?

We do recommend schools start with a core set of functionality first and add to that over time as needed. As detailed above TrackEd can be implemented in a basic form very quickly then add to this as needed.

We conducted a user survey at the end of 2015 and the strongest positive response from our users was that TrackEd saves schools time compared to the processes they are already running manually. This is important to us as we want to give time back to our educators so that instead of collating data they can spend their time engaging effectively with students.